Cisco Mobility Services Engine Software Downgrade to 8.0

Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE) 8.0 is a wireless mobility and security services engine. It works in conjunction with Cisco Prime Infrastructure instance to deliver these services. After initial build and minimal configuration, most of the other configuration tasks can be carried out through Cisco Prime Infrastructure server.

Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) is a software package that runs as an application on top of Cisco MSE. In older versions, it is one of the many services offered by the MSE. In the release after Cisco MSE 8.0, the MSE and CMX relationship can be thought of as an underlying hardware platform and a software application running on top respectively.

Enterprise can choose to install a physical MSE appliance and running CMX on top, or CMX can be deployed as VM on a supported virtualization platform. However, if wIPS feature is needed, the older model of MSE acting both as hardware (physical or virtual) and wIPS as a one of the services on top is still needed.

Recently, A pair of MSE 3365 were delivered with CMX 10.4.1 software, while the requirement was to have it use for location services and wIPS. This needed a downgrade to version 8.0 – the latest available as of this writing is

Downgrading to

Raise a Cisco TAC case to get a special download link to an ISO file for the 8.0 version. We got with the recommendation to upgrade it further to The ISO is not available on the Cisco download portal for any of the physical platforms

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Introduction to Digital Certificates

Introduction to Digital Certificates

Digital certificates are the cornerstone of the modern e-commerce and secure internet communications in general. A digital certificate is a means to establish trust, one way or mutual, between two parties before a transaction can take place between the two. The contents and integrity of the transaction are protected by the digital certificate from evesdroppers, who may desire to use it for self-gains or tamper with it, without such protection. A digital certificate proves the ownership of a “Cryptographic Key”. Let’s look at this in a bit more detail.

Need for Security in Communications

The need to secure communications between two people, say, Alice and Bob, separated by an untrusted communication medium is perhaps as old as the history of human civilization. Why communicate? Because that is what we do. Maybe Alice wants Bob to bring eggs home on the way back from work, for tomorrow’s breakfast.

What is the communication medium in between? A horse rider, a note carrying pigeon, a smoke signal, postal mail or in the modern era, a phone call, text message or email.

Unsecure Communication

Why is the communication medium untrusted? Because Alice and Bob’s arch nemesis Eve, can’t see them happy and wants to tamper with the message to have Bob bring home milk instead, which they got plenty of, and will make Alice very unhappy if he brings it again.


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